Cleaned up some follows on the demo account so more blogs / Articles are brought to the top of the stream: boosted

And like a small forest growing on fertile ground, Mastodon is now attracting a diverse group of creatures, forming a whole new ecosystem where previously there was only soil.

And more projects will come, each one attracting a new user base.

Welcome to the decentralized internet. We come in peace.

I'd love to hear your feedback, or any ideas you have for it. Feel free to respond here or create a GitHub issue:

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Hey 👋 it's easier to follow an account than a hashtag, so I created this one for is a long-form reader, similar to Feedly, built to be a peaceful place to read things from the fediverse :fediverse: -- particularly from long-form platforms like , @write_as, , etc. In the future it'll also support RSS and curating what you read on your own profile.

It's built from scratch to be , and is still very early in its development. But...

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