Maybe you'll be able to comment on @write_as and @snap_as posts here. Would that be cool? That sure would be really cool. I I would also love to see that function in the self-hosted variant writefreely when its ready. Keep up the nice work ^^

@remark_as @write_as @snap_as

When you say 'here' you mean on mastodon? Or is close to ready? When will comments be possible? That would indeed be cool and it would give some life to our blog posts :catjam:


that is really great news as for me it is a much anticipated feature! I also read your blog post about your vision for the future of social networks and making the web a better place and I have to say you definitely have our support to make your dream come true! Im very glad i found out abt and even gladder I became a pro user. Keep up the good work

@remark_as @snap_as @write_as

No, not kewl at all... Phenominal :)

I've buried myself and spun up various schemas for just that sort of of interactivity from publishing platforms pushed out to the Fediverse several times, one that worked just rather 'okay' was limited to working with Gatsby, IIRC, and even then, one had to refresh the page at the website to pickup the "cross-fedi-posted" articles.

I think you're reall onto something here that is not only native to ActivityPub based services but trancsends into the standalone bloggersphere as well. This is the promise of what we should be taking for granted.

And even better, will quickly ensure severe disruption of the vertically scaled monolithic silos - a truly novel democratization of commonplace communication in social and workplace networking.


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