All fixed! You can upload photos to your albums again now.

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Right now, there are some issues with adding photos to albums that we're investigating. Will report back when fixed.

Sorry for all the downtime -- we're actively working on restoring the web application.

Updates here: boosted

Just fixed an issue with photos not showing up with the correct rotation (especially if they were taken on a smartphone). If your photos are still incorrectly rotated, try a hard refresh ✨ boosted

A few things coming this month: basic API docs ( and standalone accounts, i.e. no need to have a subscription.

Now gallery navigation works completely without Javascript 🎉

The app still requires it while logged in, just for the nicer, snappy experience of an app that makes asynchronous requests and keeps photos loaded in memory. But anyone viewing your galleries no longer needs it enabled 👍

If you had problems creating a account in the past 4 days, we've fixed the issue that was causing it. You can try again now and everything should work!

And now you can choose which albums show up on your profile by going to, clicking "Visible" and changing it to "Hidden".

This way you can still create shareable photo albums that aren't showcased on your personal page.

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Now you can get an overview of your albums on, with the number of page views for each (the counter started today).

With this change, you can also delete albums!

Here it is! The official browser extension. Just open it, drag a photo in, and the Markdown will be copied to your clipboard. Paste that in any Markdown-enabled editor (like @write_as) and there's your picture!

Get it for Chrome:

or Firefox:

More about it on our blog:

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Coming very soon: a browser extension! Will make uploading photos and adding them to your @write_as posts much quicker.

You'll now see a preview of your profile / album / photo when sharing a link on Mastodon! 🙌

Tiny recent fix: now albums link back to your profile in the header, instead of the landing page (e.g.

Now you can change your album titles and add a Markdown-enabled description — and the same for your profile.

Just like this!

Now albums come with RSS! 📖

Just add /feed to the end of your album URL (e.g., or enter the plain album URL into an RSS reader and it should figure it out.

Now you can share a nice short link to individual, anonymous photos by going to{photo-ID}, like this:

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