The new is here! 📸

If you've been with us for a while, you'll want to migrate your photos and data to the new system. Just log in and click the "Update" button to do that!

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You'll notice just a few minor differences between the old and new right now. But we have a full roadmap we're building out now, and we can't wait to share those updates in the very near future!

@snap_as as far as I remember, there was self-hosted option planned some time in future. I don't see it now. Is it cancelled?

@groosha Nope, far from cancelled -- the self-hosted option will be built on top of 🙂

Plenty development to do before that happens, though! This is just another step in that direction.

More discussion here:

@marcelcosta Hi, we're working toward that! Right now is a hosted service, but we plan to build our open source version on top of .

Here's a bit of discussion about that:

@snap_as Thank you!

An integrated self-hosted free software would be really powerful.
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