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Write.as Development @writeas_dev@abunchtell.com

Okay, seriously going back to coding...


Of course, that update being done will mean that support for all instances is a few tiny modifications (and a small rebranding) away.

Depending on when it's finished, the Android app might be our first first-party WriteFreely app. Keep an eye out here for that: writefreely.org/apps

Lastly, development on v2.0 of the Android app (with blog / account support) is officially moving forward again. After 2 years of fighting it, I went ahead and hired someone to finish up the last bits for me.

I will be happy if this means I can retire from mobile development forever.

But at least the app will finally be up to date :)

A v1.0.1 update for the Write.as Linux app will be out today or tomorrow, which fixes some styling on recent versions of GTK and a few other small issues.


Besides a few open issues on WriteFreely, everything seems pretty stable! So now my focus is back on new functionality, especially for regular writers. Besides email subscriptions, I'm thinking about what ePub export and paid reader subscriptions will look like.

Wifi connection keeps dropping, says "[wireless] device not found." Can't find the pattern of what's causing it. Guess I'm migrating to a new machine :/

Working on supporting email subscriptions to blogs tonight. Will launch and test this on Write.as first.

Took a break from development today. Worked on a new video on @writeas.

Lately my normal Linux machine randomly drops my wifi connection and tells me my wireless device is offline, forcing me to restart to get it working again.

I reallllly don't want to switch to a different machine and start over again. But I'll probably spend tomorrow trying other things to fix it. If nothing works, I'll dust off some other laptop and spend a while setting it up.