As we get ready to release the next version of this month, we could use your help reviewing some open pull requests!

* Draft list paging -

* Support logging out of password-protected blogs -

* Always show post actions on mobile devices -

* Accept general text/* files on post import -

* Disable Ace editor on touchscreen devices -

[] AngeloStavrow opened writefreely-swiftui-multiplatform #186: Mac app crashes when clicking app icon in the dock after closing the window

[] Closed writefreely-swiftui-multiplatform #182: Don't trigger navigation to Drafts list when creating new post

[] Closed writefreely-swiftui-multiplatform #181: New-post button creates new post in current list but navigates to Drafts

[] Closed writefreely-swiftui-multiplatform #180: Use collection.url rather than server + collection alias in share sheets

[] Closed writefreely-swiftui-multiplatform #179: Use collection URL for share sheet rather than instance server

[] Closed #403: Posts still federate after setting blog to "Private" or "Password-protected"

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