Trying out some navigation improvements on, made especially for teams.

Also, now you can subscribe to @submit_as notifications on a blog-by-blog basis!

Have been a little quiet lately, but we're working hard on some exciting new projects. Here's one you'll see soon.

One change to the admin dashboard coming in v0.9: a new section to manage instance-wide static pages, and the ability to create new ones outside of the predefined About and Privacy pages.

Making good progress on email subscriptions. Have:

- subscribe to list
- unsubscribe from list
- email post out to all subscribers when published, with plain text version and HTML-formatted version

I haven't given the sign up process a lot of attention, especially lately. It was made out of necessity, and really isn't the smoothest, especially for anyone interested in a paid plan.

Today I'm fixing that so that each plan has a dedicated sign up flow, explains what you get for your money, and is less work overall to sign up for a paid tier.

Playing around with export for . Still a little ways off, but I have a lot planned around this feature.

Getting close to fixing this bug! (#6, where hash signs in code blocks get wrongly parsed as hashtags.)

I also updated the landing page a bit for new users, and put the logo back in the corner of the editor when you're logged in.

The "view blogs" icon that was up there before was fine, but too generic. The official logo there is just sexy.

One minor difference you'll see in : "Anonymous" posts are called "Drafts".

This is a great use for them already on @write_as, so they'll retain their function, but now the name will match.

It lives!

Backend is set; now on to the last phase for : cleaning up the frontend. Includes supporting your various configurations, removing branding and paywall code still tangled up in there, and maybe shrinking down the stylesheet (not pictured here, of course).

Now works with -- everything besides fetching existing posts when you first follow someone, as Plume's outbox does things differently than other platforms I've seen. Might be able to hack around it in the future.

Now receives posts and adds them to your stream 🎉

Fixing up the design a bit and getting individual post links working, then I'll push up the latest changes.

Got the basic web UI going for, including authentication.

Blogs are now discoverable on , but following doesn't seem to work -- no request is made to -- and the URL to the blog isn't correct. Will keep picking away at it.

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