Now you can (finally) include an email subscription box on any post! (Including a static page, like this one:

Read more about this change on the forum:

Some email subscription improvements heading out the door today

@monotux We're going to do things in stages with @snap_as -- first making it public for anyone to use, continuing to integrate it with @write_as / and other platforms, and finally going open source once we feel it's at a good point (same thing we did with

@musicmatze @mrb Right, like we mention on this page, all of our apps need to be adapted to work with any WF instance.

The CLI work is in progress now, and should be ready in the next week or two:

Next big release will be the command-line client.

Functionally, it's very close to the client -- and it shares much of the same code. But it needs different thinking when it comes to UX.

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