[] mjbrisebois opened #328: Embedded YouTube videos cannot start at a certain time using "?start=..." writefreely.org/issues/328

[] Dar13 opened #327: Add CORS header ('Access-Control-Allow-Origin') to public APIs writefreely.org/pull/327

[] shleeable opened #325: npm WARN deprecated request@2.88.2: request has been deprecated writefreely.org/issues/325

[] freddyb opened #322: static assets servied without cache policy leads to suboptimal page speed writefreely.org/issues/322

New idea for #WriteFreely: linked mention support for non-#ActivityPub platforms like Twitter.

This is a common pattern you see in the #fediverse: "RT @author@twitter.com". Of course, Twitter doesn't speak AP. But why not at least bridge the gap for users and link to the profile?

Those are my ideas behind this latest pull request: writefreely.org/pull/319

[] thebaer opened #319: Support AP-style mentions of centralized social media accounts writefreely.org/pull/319

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