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Write.as Development @writeas_dev

One minor difference you'll see in : "Anonymous" posts are called "Drafts".

This is a great use for them already on @write_as, so they'll retain their function, but now the name will match.

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@writeas_dev @write_as interesting! when it was "anonymous" i understood it to mean: URL that's unlisted anywhere. "draft" makes me think "URL that's only accessible to me if i'm logged in". which is actually the case?

@jzacsh @write_as In this first release it'll behave exactly the same, so the "draft" will still be a post on an unlisted URL. The thinking is that this will be useful for sharing a post you want someone to proofread before publishing.

But in the future / based on everyone's feedback, maybe that'll be something that's configured with the server, so drafts can optionally be truly private (accessible only to you)