One change to the admin dashboard coming in v0.9: a new section to manage instance-wide static pages, and the ability to create new ones outside of the predefined About and Privacy pages.

So this new admin section will land in v0.9, with the ability to edit page titles on the About and Privacy pages. But creating entirely new pages is a large undertaking that we'll save for a future release.

@writeas_dev looks great!

will you be able to modify the "Host" under "App Configuration" in the future? Right now, you can't change the URL.

@writeas_dev i'm having that problem right now. changed domain but can't change that.

should i post it as an issue in GitHub?

or will this be editable in 0.9?

thank you 😀

@tootbrute Hmm, hadn't considered making that editable yet!

This would be something we should discuss on our forum, since we're only using GitHub for bugs:

i changed to a new domain name. now mastodon federation still stuck on old name.

i would export my posts, uninstall writefreely, and install again with new domain but currently there is no way to easily import posts so I would lose all posts.

ok i'll go post on that forum.

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