it's saturday and that means another (the third!!) chance to step into the metaverse with fellow writers!

join us today at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 18:00 UTC / 20:00 CEST in the café! (no goggles required) boosted

We have another virtual hangout planned for this coming Saturday on @remark_as! We'd love to see you there.

RSVP on the forum:

it is done. visit the new chat room, and behold the power of the blockchain!!!*

* not actually the blockchain, silly

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café chat is getting a web3 upgrade. just look at all those $$$

we're gathering in our virtual Café for the next hour, for a laid-back chat / hang out. come stop by!

we're having our first casual hang out in the Café chat section this Saturday!

details / discussion / RSVP on the forum:

beyond this, you'll see ways to interact with your favorite blogs, depending on their capabilities

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this should help you keep track of your friends and yet-to-be-friends, wherever they may live on the web

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now you can save your favorite blogs — whether they're on or off @write_as!

so I did finish it but then I had to go. check out your home page — you'll find something new 😊

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one day I will stream a coding session like this and achieve maximum engagement. today is not one of those days

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working on something new today. let's see if I can get it out before the end of the day

@TheEnquirer it's part of, our new (very early) commenting system / community!

we launched in early February:

hi, friends. it's been a while. tonight I fixed the café so it actually loads. 🎉

also added a little chat box, in case you want to talk to people hanging out 😊

we'll probably never reach that dream of a user-programmable social space. but it is a constant inspiration

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i think @tildetown is the ultimate open web, community-run social network of the future

@uncertainquark Right! That's a great point -- for some reason I was never able to fully make that connection before. But yes, it's a great inspiration!

that is, until this is all built and then included in @writefreely, so anyone can create and run their own hangout spot, with its own norms, governance, etc.

it's all working toward independence for creators, plus small, self-governing communities.

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