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Do you have any favorite quotes or sayings about photography? Would love to hear them for a tiny feature I'm adding in the app.

So about the pricing on photo , here's the : $10 once to unlock unlimited albums forever.

That will also include related future that we won't launch with, e.g. posting albums to and publicity controls 👍

Migration complete! Not as smooth as we imagined, but we shouldn't ever have to do that again.

You can now upload photos again -- and please let us know if you notice anything weird happening with your account.

Okay, disabling new uploads for a few minutes.

For example, some requests were taking several seconds for some reason, according to our stats here:

Now response time is under 500 milliseconds. As a bonus, cached photos will stay online when the main application has some downtime for this upcoming data migration.

Some potential downtime coming over the next few days as we do a one-time database migration to a new system.
Won't take long, but I'll update you here when I know more.

Speeding things up a bit tonight with some caching on our photos server.

New : smaller images will be positioned better when they show up in your galleries and Photos page.

A little peek at how we'll be priced in the future.

Hey! We're in the fediverse now 🎉
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