It's #NationalPoetryMonth! For all of April, we're accepting your poetry submissions to share on @readwriteas.

Read more and submit your work via @submit_as: boosted boosted boosted

We've been quietly improving @submit_as and wider collaboration on @write_as, which has opened up new questions and problems to solve. (Not to mention entirely new organizations who want to use our software.)

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Now you can schedule prompts to be published in the future!

Just select "Schedule for later" before publishing. boosted

Trying out some navigation improvements on, made especially for teams.

Also, now you can subscribe to @submit_as notifications on a blog-by-blog basis!

Now your page has an RSS feed!

Feed readers should automatically detect it when you input your site URL, or you can add "feed.xml" to access it directly:

You can keep up with our progress on this account, and on our blog: @submitblog.

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Hey! We're a new app from the @write_as team, helping you accept and review writing submissions on the web.

We're built on the same pared-down writing experience you get with, and closely integrated with the platform.

Next, we'll support publishing to any instance, and other blogging / platforms! Our overall goal is to create a submission system built just for digital publications on the web and fediverse.

Coming soon: multiple reviewers on! This will enable your team to create prompts and review submissions together.

We'll keep you updated on this feature here and on @submitblog.'s choices:

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