One thing I want to do is make sure replies from the are gracefully handled / rejected, since they don't go anywhere when replying to blog posts right now. Not sure how to do that, but I'll try a few things before the full roll-out.

@writeas_dev check out Web mentions from the IndieWeb. Designed just for this!

@jalcine Thanks! Actually for this I'm trying to figure out how to reject ActivityPub replies, or notify platforms like Mastodon that a reply wasn't received by a user, as we don't support comments / mentions on @write_as right now (by design)

@writeas_dev @jalcine @write_as i’m kinda surprised theres nothing in the activity pub standard for this. You’d think it’d be important info

@Satsuma @jalcine @write_as Indeed, especially just for understanding different capabilities of different platforms. But maybe with us introducing "no replies" some kind of standard for handling it will evolve.

@writeas_dev @write_as @jalcine @Satsuma

There's the nodeinfo standard, but I don't think it's been used for specific features yet. It's more for general software/instance info. But extending it for feature detection would be a good way to go.

@0x1C3B00DA @write_as @jalcine @Satsuma Great point, it does seem like the perfect place for it. I'll start thinking of what that should look like that'll be useful to others, too

@writeas_dev @write_as

:awesome: Maybe chat with @kaniini and some of the other federated project devs when you start working on it. It'd be great to get a good de facto standard for feature detection nailed down
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