Phew. Intense day of getting the basic app to a runnable state and pushed up to GitHub. Right now everything looks good in multi-user, federated mode. All the uncertain areas are around different configuration combinations -- and single-user mode.

Once single-user mode is solid, I'll call it v0.1 and make the big announcement

@writeas_dev Sorry for my ignorance, what is the difference between and exactly?

@cwcopa @writeas_dev is the federated blogging site owned by the developer of Write Freely.

Write Freely is the open source software that people can use to make their own federated bloggingsite.

@switchingsocial @cwcopa Yep. is going to continue being our hosted blogging platform that enables privacy for everyone, with or without the technical skills to host their blog themselves.

It's built on the Write Freely code, and will keep (hopefully) funding all of our development.

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