Looking for help debugging this federation issue. Can anyone familiar with help out?

@writeas_dev The solution as it turns out wasn't complicated. A url element (and many other elements) can be a URI, and object, or even an array (with different mediaType's or other characteristics). Just because Mastodon only sends a URI in an actor->url field doesn't mean that somebody else is wrong if they send an object or array. This is like the 20th project I've had to explain this to - including both Mastodon and Pleroma iirc.

@macgirvin Unfortunately the path of least resistance for implementing AP is looking at the popular platform and just doing what they're doing, rather than reading specs. That's what we did, but we'll fix it and spread the word to the next 20 projects, now that we know 🙂

I appreciate the help everyone gave in nailing down the exact issue.

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