We've disabled publishing on HTML.house due to an excessive number of phishing pages getting published.

In the meantime, you can still use the editor to try out some HTML and preview it in real time!

You may see a "deceptive site" warning when navigating to HTML.house right now. We've removed the problematic page and notified Google, so hopefully this should go away soon.

In the meantime, you can click "Details" and "visit this unsafe site" in Chrome (or "ignore the risk" in Firefox).

Just came across this video from @ChrisWere and realized there was no license on HTMLhouse. Not sure how I skipped over that -- but there is one now! It's available under the MIT license.


(Great tutorial, by the way!)

SSL certificate was expired for a day -- that's fixed now!

Hey fediverse 👋 Happy to have a new home here, away from birdsite 😃

Here we'll post about updates to html.house and anything relevant to publishing websites.

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