profiles are still early; I'd like them to showcase both your @write_as posts and @snap_as photos in one place. then of course everyone can comment on photos, too

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thinking about how this works with the open web, I imagine your profile could plug into other blogging and photo-sharing backends, like @pixelfed or any photo-sharing silos that offer enough open data access

in the fediverse, I'm not sure if this means creating a simple frontend, or if implements the client-to-server protocol, and acts as the client 🤔

the big question to answer is what makes sense to centralize vs. decentralize.

people "don't want" to visit websites these days; they want a single convenient platform. cool, so that's what this service offers.

but the underlying sources of content and information -- the tools and platforms you use to *create* content can be anything you want.

the idea is:

creators keep their choice of tool, ownership of their data, and independence (including using their own domain name), and

hanging out happens in one convenient hangout spot.

@remark_as I just wrote a little bit about this:

I think the trick is to have a "generic" base server that holds all the user data and supports all of the Activity types, and then have different frontends actually fetch data of those specific types from said server.

You could in theory use C2S for that, but you could probably get away with some variation of the MastoAPI as well. As long as all the data is associated with one user account, you could have a frontend support whatever types you need in a given template.
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