profiles are still early; I'd like them to showcase both your @write_as posts and @snap_as photos in one place. then of course everyone can comment on photos, too

thinking about how this works with the open web, I imagine your profile could plug into other blogging and photo-sharing backends, like @pixelfed or any photo-sharing silos that offer enough open data access

in the fediverse, I'm not sure if this means creating a simple frontend, or if implements the client-to-server protocol, and acts as the client 🤔

the big question to answer is what makes sense to centralize vs. decentralize.

people "don't want" to visit websites these days; they want a single convenient platform. cool, so that's what this service offers.

but the underlying sources of content and information -- the tools and platforms you use to *create* content can be anything you want.


the idea is:

creators keep their choice of tool, ownership of their data, and independence (including using their own domain name), and

hanging out happens in one convenient hangout spot.

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