Hmm, might be able to build a Tumblr importer pretty easily, especially since auth is already implemented for cross-posting 🤔

Yes, a Tumblr importer *is* pretty simple with the existing integration.

Got posts pulled in, HTML converted to Markdown, tags and dates parsed, all compiled into text. Now just need to add them to the database and create a little importer UI.

I should say, text posts are pulled in right now. Still need to test quote, link, photo, etc. types.

All should be straightforward except for photo types; need to create some stable @snap_as API endpoints for that. Video won't be supported for now.

But I'll probably be able to finish this all by Monday.

@writeas_dev @snap_as would it be possible to separate our reblogs from original posts? Most of the exporters just give you everything, which seems to be what a fair amount of people are looking for, but I’m only really looking to save the stuff *I* wrote

@Satsuma I'll have to check if Tumblr gives out that information, as I'm not sure off the top of my head. But that's good to know!

@writeas_dev @Satsuma
Tumblr does give that information, in a roundabout way. It tells you who the OP of a post is, and who the post was reblogged from. You can check against that.

@writeas_dev @Satsuma
Are you not supporting video because doesn't support video?

@lesbianhacker Thanks! I was looking for something like that -- I'll give it a try.

And yes, since it doesn't have a place to put the video (or audio), those type of posts will be excluded. Maybe we'll support importing them and putting them somewhere reliable in the future.


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