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The free plan isn't going anywhere, but I'd like to try steering more people to the paid plans, for a few reasons.

Of course, more paying customers means we're profitable / sustainable much sooner. But more importantly for everyone, the platform is most useful on the paid plans (especially Pro). People who never go past the free tier miss out on everything we offer, and may think is less useful than it actually is.

I haven't given the sign up process a lot of attention, especially lately. It was made out of necessity, and really isn't the smoothest, especially for anyone interested in a paid plan.

Today I'm fixing that so that each plan has a dedicated sign up flow, explains what you get for your money, and is less work overall to sign up for a paid tier.

Playing around with export for . Still a little ways off, but I have a lot planned around this feature.

Getting close to fixing this bug! (#6, where hash signs in code blocks get wrongly parsed as hashtags.)

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