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#WriteFreely v0.13 Release Candidate 1 is here! It includes over a year of changes and improvements, from a new WYSIWYG editor to Web Monetization support to new OAuth provider support.

Read about everything in this latest release and, if you're adventurous, you can upgrade to this Release Candidate today:

If you give it a shot, please share any feedback or bug reports!

Just a few things left to merge for v0.13, then it'll be out the door!

Would appreciate any help admins can offer with testing / code review at this point.

This is a test #WriteFreely instance on a non-ASCII domain: https://bä This is supported by changes in #457, which automatically converts a Unicode host name for a WF instance into its Punycode representation, which is then used throughout the application, including for ActivityPub requests. As such, this blog should function just fine in the #fediverse! Feedback? Reply and mention

Users will also be able to delete their own account in the next version of ! Again, we could use your feedback and help testing this upcoming feature.

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