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Just a heads up: this account is for announcements only — we don't offer support here.

If you need something or have any questions, please reach out via our normal support channels:

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Luckily there are some other great options out there if you need managed hosting, including @Cloud68 and Spacebear (@support).

I've just updated our site to reflect that:

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Heads up: while we're going to keep running indefinitely for our existing customers, we'll be closing to new customers in the near future!

Mostly, I just want to focus all my energy on one hosted service (@write_as), and of course, continuing to develop WF itself.

v0.13.1 was just released, which means it's upgrade time! Getting started on that now.

Read about the fixes in this update:

Upgrading sites to v0.13 now! This is straightforward -- you shouldn't notice any downtime.

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v0.13 is out now! We'll be upgrading everyone's instance shortly.

In the meantime, read all about the updates in this latest version on our blog:

Aso, be sure to follow our Mastodon account, if you aren't already!

v0.12 is out! We're updating all instances now. You shouldn't notice any downtime.

Upgrades complete! All instances are now on v0.11.2.

It's mostly behind-the-scenes changes, but you can see what was fixed in this version on the @writefreely blog:

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An important release is out now -- v0.11.2. We're starting upgrades on all instances now. You shouldn't notice any downtime.

...Had to wait for the *real* v0.11, a.k.a. v0.11.1 😅

All instances are now up-to-date!

This version includes a ton of great new features, fixes, moderation controls, and support for the WriteFreely command-line interface!

Read the full release notes here:

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Done! All instances are now up-to-date on v0.10.0 :writefreely2:

This update brings plenty of fixes, instance-wide privacy, and the ability to customize your landing page!

Read the full list of changes on the @writefreely blog:

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