Upgrades complete! All instances are now on v0.11.2.

It's mostly behind-the-scenes changes, but you can see what was fixed in this version on the @writefreely blog:


An important release is out now -- v0.11.2. We're starting upgrades on all instances now. You shouldn't notice any downtime.

...Had to wait for the *real* v0.11, a.k.a. v0.11.1 😅

All instances are now up-to-date!

This version includes a ton of great new features, fixes, moderation controls, and support for the WriteFreely command-line interface!

Read the full release notes here: github.com/writeas/writefreely

Done! All instances are now up-to-date on v0.10.0 :writefreely2:

This update brings plenty of fixes, instance-wide privacy, and the ability to customize your landing page!

Read the full list of changes on the @writefreely blog: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

WriteFreely.host isn't going anywhere, but we're getting ready to launch a similar service just for businesses, called Write.as for Teams: write.as/matt/the-next-stage

Done! All instances are now on v0.9.1 :writefreely2:

Again, you won't notice anything new with this update. But you can see the technical changes in this release on the @writefreely blog: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

v0.9.1 is out now. It only fixes issues with new installations, so it won't affect any existing instance we already host. But you'll be up-to-date either way 🙂

Starting those upgrades now.

All instances are now up-to-date on v0.9.0 :writefreely2:

This update brings several bug fixes for writers, as well as minor improvements to the admin dashboard.

Read the full list of changes on the @writefreely blog: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

Upgrading everyone's instance to v0.9, starting now. You shouldn't notice any downtime as part of this.

All instances have been upgraded to v0.8.1 :writefreely2:

The update is minor, but most importantly contains a fix for same-page anchor links.


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@AlexAloi Nope, that's perfectly fine.

"Commercial" to us would generally mean if the site is being used by a company, or where the *primary* purpose of it is to make a profit / sell something.

All sites are now up-to-date on v0.8!

One of the biggest changes in this release is the ability to let your users send out invites. If you want to enable this on your instance, you can head to the admin dashboard now to enable it!


Just a heads up: this account is for announcements only — we don't offer support here.

If you need something or have any questions, please reach out via our normal support channels:


Hey 👋 We'll keep you up-to-date with upgrades and maintenance on this account.

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