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That would also go along nicely with the automatic SSL certificate generation we plan to add.

I'm working on an integration with another blogging platform (which one? it's a surprise) that has me thinking about improving the install process.

I'd like to get it down to one command (instead of the 2-4 it takes now). And if it could do things like set up a systemd service, that'd be awesome.

[] uncertainquark opened writeas-gtk #24: No possiblity of having a clean file on app start

Almost finished with the store / Extend Spent almost 16 hours on it today wrestling with Stripe, setting it up so users can have multiple subscriptions.

Now the tricky part is letting people go to the "Extra Blog" subscription first, without Casual or Pro, while letting them later subscribe to those plans (it already works the other way around). Tomorrow will be for testing all these different scenarios. Time for bed

Not everything in the store will have a fee -- especially smaller optional items.

But the first item for sale will be an additional blog for your account, for $12 per blog per year.

This will be available to everyone, even if you're not already a Casual or Pro user.

Like Labs, this'll also serve as a way to quickly release, test, and refine new chunks of functionality before releasing them to the world as add-ons you can install on your own instance.

Today I'm working on the upcoming store. With this, I'll be able to start working on some features people have requested that will work better as add-ons than part of the core product.

Finished up that "featured blogs" page ( and yes, I ended up building out a new service for grabbing website screenshots 😆 Called it

Not sure if I'll open that up to everyone yet. It works great for blogs, but results are mixed on other sites. If I can improve that, I'll launch it as a paid service.

While looking to grab screenshots for the blogs we'll feature on ( I remembered I already built a tool for @htmlhouse that'd help with this, called siteshot:

...and now I've gone down the rabbit hole of potentially launching a little screenshot-capturing service.

Okay, deployed! Everything seems to be running smoothly.

You can see the new flow (especially if you're logged out) by going to this page: -- that's where the process starts for most new users now.

Ended up being a ton of work for this new user onboarding flow -- it's tied up in everything. But I think it'll be a huge improvement. Once it's deployed, I'll be keeping an eye out for user feedback and seeing if people run into snags.

We grow, but relatively slowly and steadily.

So at this point we see tens of thousands of visits every day across our platform, but only a very small percentage actually turn into customers.

If we can increase that percentage *just a bit* through some small changes to the site, we soon cement our status as a permanent publishing platform on the web. And then I can keep doing this for decades to come, as I've always hoped to.

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