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[] Closed #37: added compose config; updated compose file to use it; updated README …

[] gytisrepecka opened #91: While post is in draft, meta tags are referring to

So this new admin section will land in v0.9, with the ability to edit page titles on the About and Privacy pages. But creating entirely new pages is a large undertaking that we'll save for a future release.

Starting in v0.9, the "writer's guide" link will go here:

(replacing "latest" with the current WF version)

Got the very basic documentation section of up and running!

It pulls everything directly from the documentation repo:

Feedback, bug reports, and pull requests are all welcome!

Made a little Go / tool that automatically deletes a @write_as post after someone sees it.

It’s not really meant for secure, guaranteed self-destructing messages (I mention the many caveats on that page), but hopefully it serves as a good example for building on the API.

Some thoughts this morning -- @remark_as might start out as the simple ability to reply to fediverse posts from @write_as / .

As I wrap up standalone accounts on @snap_as, I'm thinking about how to quickly build a minimally viable open source version that can be included in your WriteFreely instance.

Most likely, it'll be a Go library with a few frontend features added to WF for uploading and managing files.

Still, it's early and not entirely thought-out yet, so no guarantees it'll be out soon. Just some thoughts for now.

One change to the admin dashboard coming in v0.9: a new section to manage instance-wide static pages, and the ability to create new ones outside of the predefined About and Privacy pages.

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