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Email subscriptions are huge, huge; one of those features you think is relatively simple to build until you realize it needs to do that.. and also that.. oh and that, too.

Things are looking good enough to ship this in Labs soon. Last pieces:

- verifying email addresses
- sending posts on a delay

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Another thought today: if we support ActivityPub mentions in WF posts, you could add your Mastodon / Pleroma / etc. handle to your posts, and any subsequent fediverse replies would mention and notify you. Could be a good stopgap until @remark_as is out.

Posts would remain "don't @ me" by default, but if you wanted comments on a post, you'd just mention yourself. 馃

The email subscriptions feature will involve new processes that regularly check for posts scheduled to be sent out via email, so with that in place, we'll be able to support federation on scheduled posts, too.

This was mentioned in issue #76 (

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If you're a developer on one of these projects, or run an instance, any help you could offer with debugging would be a huge help!

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As an ongoing project, I'm hoping to get federation working with all -supporting platforms.

Just tested with and saw it wasn't working:

Still need to see what works with and

[] Closed #83: HMTL being included in post Metadata, and not scrubbed when removed from post.

Deployed a temporary fix for excessive vertical spacing in blockquotes on blog post pages. It only applies to <p> tags right now.

Need a better long-term solution and, in general, to dig through a mess of CSS.

[] digitalgyoza opened #83: HMTL being included in post Metadata, and not scrubbed when removed from post.

Still need to include styles for more elements, but keeping it minimal for now.

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Making good progress on email subscriptions. Have:

- subscribe to list
- unsubscribe from list
- email post out to all subscribers when published, with plain text version and HTML-formatted version

Kind of proud of this... I just finished per-topic browsing on @readwriteas, and instead of creating new database tables and adding to the admin UI, I just stored the featured topics in a plain post ( The server uses the go-writeas library to fetch the post, does some simple string operations, and then generates the navigation bar.

What do you call this? Bootstrapping features on the platform I'm storing data for the features on?

[] strawsa opened #82: 2nd (##) and 1st (#) level headings show as same style on blog feed

Taking a look at federation issues today, particularly ones affecting blogs with a preferred URL on *

Going to be a very busy month for development! Several major features planned for release, including standalone @snap_as accounts 馃摲

Updated the Instances page to explain more of what's going on, and to not prioritize over everyone else's instance anymore.

At this point, it gets enough exposure elsewhere on the site. The goal for this page is to help all these other great communities grow.

Could use some input on this. Would data URIs be useful for you in WriteFreely? Or not needed?

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